About Us

Our Mission is to "elevate each Pack Members' experience through the application of

advanced knowledge." 

We work hard to educate our staff through our comprehensive training program, Social Pack University, on dog body language, psychology & behavior, and general health & wellness.


Our Story

Natasha has 10+ years experience in the Dog Daycare and Boarding Industry.  After earning her BBA in Marketing from Baylor University in 2009, she embarked on a journey to pursue her passion in the dog industry. Before opening Social Pack Dogs, she spent 5 years working in the industry learning best practices that she has since applied to Social Pack Dogs culture and operations.


"I did not open Social Pack Dogs simply because I love dogs, I opened Social Pack Dogs because of my knowledge of dog behavior and psychology.  My focus is to offer the best quality experience for your dogs; I am a strong believer in structure and balance. 


Here at Social Pack Dogs, our top priority is ensuring that your dog is engaging is safe and healthy social interactionsYour dogs will have plenty of quality play and social time in carefully selected groups along with reasonable amounts of relaxation and down-time to reduce stress. "


If you would like to hear more about her story, she would love to chat more with you!

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