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Good Dogs empowered by
Good People.

What's the best thing about working with Social Pack Dogs? Easy - the people!

We are hard working, creative, passionate - driven to find purpose in our work and invigorated by the joy we get in supporting each other as a Team to drive SPD towards success.

Our Values

SPD Team Perks

Health & Wellness

Qualifying full-time staff have the option to opt in to our Medical and Dental coverage!

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Fair Pay & PTO

We offer a fair starting salary and the opportunity to earn PTO days as an extra perk.

Bring Your Dog to Work

Team Members are allowed to bring their dog's to work with them as long as their dog's pass their Meet and Greet evaluation and do not violate any of our policies, guidelines, or breed restrictions.

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Get paid to work with good people and great dogs.

SPU Training_edited.png
Social Pack University

As part of your Team training, you will be invited to our training app, Social Pack University.

This program was developed to both train and educate our staff on our SPD policies, basic dog behavior & psychology, general dog care guidelines, client etiquette, and basic dog body language & breed understanding.

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