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  • Can I take a Tour?
    Of course! We are proud of our facility and love showing people what we're all about! Because the mornings and evenings are busy with dogs checking in and out of our facility, we ask that you call in and schedule a tour - this way we can assure that we are able to take the time to answer any and all questions that you have!
  • Why do you rotate in small playgroups?
    It is important to understand that we are not an "all day play" facility. Facilities that offer all day play can create an environment that is un-balanced; too many dogs in one yard for an entire day becomes crowded and stressful for both dogs and staff. Having small, compatible groups means that your dog will be comfortable, happy, and more likely to make friends; just like people, dogs have their own social preferences. In this structure, dogs actually have more opportunities for play than they would in an "all day play" environment.
  • How do you structure your playgroups?
    First, during their Meet and Greet, we get to know your dog ensuring that we can place them in playgroups where they will feel comfortable enough to engage in good play. Each playgroup is small, usually ranging from 10-20 dogs for the whole yard, and each dog in every playgroup is specifically placed there for a reason. In addition, we have some pack rules that we expect all our dogs to adhere to. We discourage behaviors such as mounting, excessively rough play, charging, etc. Our staff is well trained in dog body language and we have these rules in place to ensure that all dogs are participating in good and healthy play!
  • Do you offer 24 hour care?
    ​No, we do not have anyone at the facility over night; our staff is here from 6:30am until 8:30pm every day. All dogs are locked in their suites for the night. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • Do you have webcams?
    We do not have webcams at this time; however, we take lots of pictures and videos that we post to our Instagram: @SOCIALPACKDOGS
  • What if my dog become sick or injured?
    Most of our policies and procedures are outlined in our Owner and Dog Applications. Our staff is trained on dog behavior and we monitor your dog closely to ensure that they are always healthy and happy. Any injury or illness, no matter how minor, will be reported to you as soon as possible. ​ If it is an emergency, we will always try to contact you first; however, if we can not get a hold of you, we will do what we feel is best for the dog.
  • Do you have any breed restrictions?
    Please understand that these restrictions are in place for the safety of our Pack. If you have questions about our restrictions, or why they are in place, please email us: ​ Also, please note that you may see some of these breeds are already part of our Pack! Each of these pups were carefully temperament tested and were grandfathered into our program prior to these new restrictions. ​ No Pit Bull Terriers (this includes mixes). No Staffordshire Terriers (this includes mixes). No Bull Terriers (this includes mixes). No American Bulldogs (this includes mixes). No American Bull Terriers (this includes mixes). No Bulldogs. No Cane Corsos. No Shar-Peis (this includes mixes). No Akitas. No Rottweilers​. ------------ Please no dogs under 10lbs.
  • Are Daycare Packages refundable and do they expire?
    All of our Daycare Packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. 5 Day Package expires 30 days from purchase. 10 Day Package expires 65 days from purchase. 20 Day Package expires 35 days from purchase. Packages cannot be redeemed for other services or cash.
  • What do I need to make a Daycare reservation?
    Before making any reservation with us, we ask that you: 1) Have completed your Meet and Greet. 2) Make sure we have copies of your dogs updated vaccinations. 3) Please schedule minimum 48 hours notice for Daycare. 4) Please use our Booking form to schedule. If you have completed all the necessary steps, your pup is ready to play! ​
  • Why does my dog have to complete a Meet and Greet?
    We understand that every dog is unique, so before your dog joins our pack, we feel that it is important for us to get to know your dog as an individual so we can better cater to their needs. We require that every dog complete their Meet and Greet before participating in our services. During their meet-and-greet, we will: 1) Evaluate their individual personality to better match them with like-minded dogs during play time. 2) Get them acquainted with our facility so they are familiar with our staff and schedule the next time they stay or play. We are sorry, but we are not accepting any NEW "non-social" dogs at this time. These are dogs deemed as "dog or human aggressive" or any dogs that are needeing very small specialied groups (less than 15 dogs).
  • How old does my puppy need to be to join?
    Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old and must have completed the necessary vaccinations. If your puppy is over 7 months old, they must be spayed or neutered. These rules are in place for the safety of your dog, as well as the others in our care.
  • What are the required vaccinations?
    We require proof of up to date: 1) Rabies 2) DHPP (Parvo Distemper) 3) Bordetella (required annually, recommended semiannually)
  • What do I need to make a Boarding reservation?
    If you are a new customer, we ask that you first: 1) Schedule a Meet and Greet evaluation so that we can get to know your dog and approve them for social play. 2) Make sure we have copies of your dogs updated vaccinations. If you are a returning daycare customer and are just new to boarding: 1) Make sure we have up-to-date vaccination info. 2) Fill out our Boarding Intake Form and bring on drop off. 3) If your dog has any special needs or medications, make sure you pre-fill out our Medication Form. 4) Bring your dog's own food in an appropriately sized resealable container or in preprepped ziplock bags. 5) We provide our own clean bowls.
  • Can I bring my dog's belongings from home?
    ​We prefer that you not bring personal items, as we cannot guarantee their condition upon checkout. We do provide our own bowls and fleece blankets. If you would like to bring your ​own bed and blankets, they must be machine washable. Any toys or bones that can be easily destroyed are prohibited as they can pose a choking hazard. We also encourage you to bring your dog treats, as long as they are easily chewed and swallowed. Again, we do not allow bones or rawhides of any kind because they can be a choking hazard.
  • Should I bring my own dog food?
    Yes, we strongly encourage you to bring your own food from home! A sudden change in your dogs diet can cause stomach upset causing great discomfort for your dog. We do provide our own food for an additional charge - please see our DAYCARE and BOARDING pages for cost. If you are interested in this option, our staff can give you some tips on how to better transition your dog between different foods.
  • Do you give discounts for multiple pets?
    ​Yes, we give a discount if you are boarding multiple dogs from the same household, in the same kennel. Please see our Boarding page for applicable rates.
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