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Basic Bath

Basic Grooming Services
Please note, this is a Basic Bath. We do not offer full grooming services as we do not have a professional groomer on site.

We cannot do clipper work. If your dog has fine, thin, long hair that tangles easily, we may recommend they use a full service groomer.

Please note, we do not have dryer cages. We hand dry the undercoat with a forced air blower, allowing dogs to air dry afterwards.

We also offer Nail Trims for an additional fee.

Bathing and Nail Trim requests are on a first come, first serve basis. We will try to accommodate every request, but please understand that we have a limited amount of bathing requests we can complete per day.

If you would like a Bath and/or Nail Trim for Daycare, please let the receptionist know on drop off, or you are welcome to request this through our Booking Manager.

If you would like a Bath and/or Nail Trim for Boarding, please let the Booking Manager know when you make your booking request, or you are welcome to request this option on your Boarding Intake form that you bring with you on drop off!
Bath Noodle

Bath & Nail Trim Rates

Small Bath

Bath for small dog (approximately 20lbs. and under)

$19 + Tax

Nail Trim

Nail Trim using Nail Grinder.

$17 + Tax

Medium Bath

Bath for Medium sized dog (approximately 40lbs.) - depending on the length of your dog's fur, they may be bumped to a Large Bath.

$29 + Tax

Large Bath

Bath for Large Dog (approximately 60lbs. and up)

$39 + Tax

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